Beige by Alain Ducasse ベージュ アラン・デュカス

Beige Alain Ducasse Tokyo a restaurant opened by Alain Ducasse, through the collaboration between the top luxury brand Chanel. Beige offered fine French cuisine since 2004 by using the finest Japanese ingredients. Beige is awarded one-michelin-star for continuous years since its opening. The spirit of ‘simple and elegant’ showcases in every detail of the cuisine and the décor.


Visited: May.2015 (Weekend Lunch)

Address: Chanel Ginza Building 10F, 3-5-3Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Tel: +81 3 5159 5500

Hours: 11:30〜16:30, 18:00〜23:30, Closed Monday, Tuesday,


Beige housed on top of the Chanel Building in Ginza, which is a modern black-colored building very close to Ginza station. The entrance is side by the Chanel boutique shop, the lift will take you to the restaurant on 10F in few seconds.

Before entering the main dining room, you will firstly walk through the bar/lounge area. The decor of the restaurant is modern and elegant, the floor-to-ceiling windows let the natural sunlight in, and creates a very bright and relax ambiance.

The interior décor was designed by Peter Marino, the designer in charge of Chanel boutiques all over the world. The table ware uses a variety of materials – chinaware and crystal of course, but also silver and gold, the warmth of wood, copper, rubber and lacquer. Items produced by traditional European and Japanese craftsmen been selected to presence the ‘simple and elegant’.

Amuse bouche 1: vegetable tarts, with carrot and beetroot, lemon and passionfruit chocolate.

Amuse bouche 1: vegetable tarts, with carrot and beetroot, lemon and passionfruit chocolate.

Beige offers afforable and value-worthing lunch menu, the regular 3-course weekday lunch sets start from 5500 yen, and 9000 yen on the weekends for 4 courses. The 5-courses tasting menu priced at 13000 during lunch simply showcases the best of the menu.

Amuse bouche 2: green pea ice-cream, salad and cabbage puree. The green pea flavor was strong and very refreshing.

Amuse bouche 2: green pea ice-cream, salad and cabbage puree. The green pea flavor was strong and very refreshing.


The bread was sliced by our table, two kinds of breads were served: wholewheat and vegetable ciabatta. We were quite disappointed with the breads as both were cold, hopefully fluffy enough.


The first dish was a plate of seasonal greens, with deep-fried Japanese white fish. The vegetables includes zucchini flower, carrot, peas, asparagus and radish, which were perfectly cooked, topped with some fine salad leaves. We enjoyed the deep-fried Japanese fish the most, it has a very crispy outer layer, the center was moist and umami.


For the fish dish, the seared john dory was strongly recommended by the server. The fish itself was incredibly tender, served with fish stock sauce with a citrus zest which makes the entire dish very delicious. While for the snow peas on the side, it would be perfect if the fiber can be taken.


There were 2 kinds of fish dishes on the menu, we also tried another one, the baked hobo fish. I loved its crispy skin, while for the fish meat part, it was not that tender as the previous one. The sauce was 'sour sauce' which taste exactly as its named, it balanced well with the fish.


Usually red wine is only used in cooking red meat such as pork, beef or lamb, we were quite curious about how it works with chicken. Accompanied by the recommendation by the server, we picked the chicken instead of the lamb for the meat dish. The chicken tight was cooked with red wine, which was tender and quite high in flavor. The fronter part, the chicken breast was roasted and finish with red wine sauce. We enjoyed both part. The gnocchi on the side was smooth and works well with red wine sauce.


Before entering the dessert part, we were firstly treated with petit fours, which includes macarons (lemon and passionfruit flavors), and chocolates with Chanel's logo. We macarons were a bit disappointing, too sweet and 'stick' on the teeth. The chocolates were cute because of the Chanel logo.

We picked herb tea instead of coffee. We were presented with a trolly of fresh and fried herbs, the tea was freshly prepared by out table.


For the dessert, no doubt most of the people would choose the signature Chocolate-praline CHANEL square. Inside the thin layer of dark chocolate mousse was milk chocolate mousse with crashed hazelnuts, it was smooth, crunchy, and has a deep flavor. The rich chocolate square balanced well with the fragrance hazelnut ice-cream on the side. It was quite indulgent but very enjoyable.


In general, it was a very enjoyable quick lunch in Ginza. The ambiance is no doubt good, very modern but simple. There is also a terrance on the top of the building, which only opens in summer in good weather conditions. The service was impressive as well, very friendly staffs that serves food efficiently, and has a very good knowledge about the food they are serving. We all felt the service was much better than Quintessence we visited a day before. For the food, both the presentation and taste were pleasant but we expected more surprises. The lunch menu is quite affordable, as consider its location, i don't mind to come back next time :)