a tes souhaits!

Tokyo is not only a heaven for sushi lovers, beef lovers and ramen lovers, but also a dessert heaven. If you love desserts, you shouldn't miss out a tes souhaits is the No.1 cake shop in Tokyo according to Tabelog.

The owner-chef Hideki Kawamura has won several famous international patisserie awards and opened a tes souhaits in 2001. a tes souhaits housed in a residential neighbourhood in between Nishi-Ogikubo and Kichijoji. It is not that hard to find if you walking down the main street from either Nishi-Ogikubo station or Kichijoji Station because there's always long queue in front of the shop, especially on weekends.

There's no dine-in area, i rarely travel there for cakes only. But there are two tables in front of the shop, you can eat there if you want. This time, we arrived after after lunch time, luckily there was no line in the shop front.


Date: Jan.26.2016 (Afternoon) | Last visit

Address:, カサ吉祥寺2, 東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺東町3-8-8 (Casa Kichijoji 2, 3-8-8, Kichijoji-higashicho,Musashino- shi, Tokyo)

Hours: 11am-7pm, Closed on Mondays

Website | Tabelog


All the cakes looks amaingly good, two of us encountered a difficult time picking our favorites because we still need large room for dinner. I love shortcake and mont blanc, luckily both are the best-sellers at a tes souhaits. My friend picked lemon tart and dark chocolate cake and a yuzu macaron. A bit over-ordering but yeah, girls have two stomaches: one for meals and one for sweets.


The yuzu macaron has large room for improvement compare to Pierre Herme. I didn't expected much on the lemon tart for its appearance, but it was unexpectedly good. The tart base was buttery and the lemon custard was well-balanced of sweet and sour taste. Indeed very refreshing - probably the best lemon tart i have had by far.


I was pretty impressed by the shortcake last time, the fruit changes seasonally: peach in summer, strawberry in winter, persimmon in autumn.. Luckily it was winter during my visit and we got a slice of beautiful strawberry shortcake made of Fukuoka Amaou strawberries (which means super-sweet strawberries). The spongecake was very soft and airy, by using 45% fat fresh cream and honey as a sweetner, it was simply decent and to be remembered.


Mont Blanc is another signature at a tes souhaits, limited from Sep to May. Despite its very different shape compare to normal mont blanc, it is really lovely. Very smooth and deep-flavor outer-layer made of  47% fat cream and chestnut cream, inside is fresh cream with sweet chestnut, the based it made of almond and meringue - every bite leaves a unforgettable aftertaste.


For chocolate lovers, don't miss the chocolate cake Fortissima. Made of 80% dark chocolate, it has a deep chocolate flavor, the texture is a bit dry but still smooth. The most impressive part is actually the dark chocolate glaze which was perfectly done. There's nothing spectecular about this slice but simply delicious.