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深町ふかまち (Fukamachi) is one of the best tempura restaurant in Tokyo. It is a really small restaurant with about 10 counter seats and 3 tables with 2 pax each table in Ginza area. 2

Fukamachi locates on a quite small street in Ginza, but not very hard to find because there are few restaurants on that street. It was our first time having tempura at a speciality tempura restaurant, sitting at the counter and watching the chef making the most fresh tempuras in front of us! Couldn't wait to see!


Table setting, with garnished dakon (radish/turnip), lemon, sea salt and soy. The chef will tell you which dipping is the best to serve with depends on different kind of tempura. The dakon is all-time suitable, for clear off the flavors from previous piece.

For the dinner menu, only set menus are available.There are 3 sets available depends on the number of pieces. And some of the pieces can actually do a la carte such as the signature uni tempura. P1040621

Soy layer with sweet soy sauce and wasabi

This appetizer looks very simple but was so good and refreshing.



Shrimp's head was very crispy, hot and deep in shrimp flavor - amazing start.P1040625


I found that all the tempuras i had previous in my life were just like fried starch after i had this one. The ebi was evenly coated with a think layer of flour, fried in the best Japanese sesame oil which changes every 10 minutes. It was juicy and bouncy,with a lovely crispy outerlayer.


Then comes a vegetable that i don't know, somewhat broccoli. You can tell  its quality by its color and the thin layer.


Another vegetable that i had for the first time in my life. Both of us don't like it very much because it was bitter. But the quality of this deep-fried thing was still very high.


(きす,Kisu) -  amazingly tender inside!


We ordered the siganture uni tempura(生雲丹) from the a la carte menu. Never had cooked uni before, especially uni tempura. This one was wrapped in shiso to 'protect' the uni.P1040632

It was DIE-FOR! (Sorry for the blur picture, it was hard to focus under that light)


Kanji (女鯒 ,big-eyed flathead)








Anago (穴子) was another pieces i really love. I love grilled unagi/anago a lot because the sauce is sweet. While for the anago tempura, it was my first time trying to have eel in the way and i was totally impressive by it. The anago inside was really tender and melting in my mouth, just like those of nigiri sushi. While the outside was crispy. Love it.


And finally the rice dish. You can choose either tempura donburi (天丼) which was basically mixed seafood tempura served with sweet soy sauce on top of the rice (UP) or mixed seafood tempura on rice served with green tea (かき揚げ天茶). Whichever you choose, it comes with red miso soup and pickles.


We got one each. For my tempura donburi, which was more traditional than the later one.It was seriously perfect and i consider it the best tempura donburi i have ever had in my life. The tempura itself was made of scallops, squid, shrimp and lots of other seafood. The topped sweet soy sauce was housemade by the chef, the sauce was still hot when it served.

For my mom's tempura rice with green tea, it really worth a try! It was our first time having tempura rice in this way. Compare to the tradition tempura donburi I had, this one was lighter and taste more simple, but the flavor from the seafood themselves came out into the soup, and made the whole thing perfect. You should try this!


And finally the dessert,  peach jelly with yuzu sorbet. Perfect ending.


Overall, the dining experience at Fukamachi was really great. It changed my view of tempura, which i thought oily, heavy starch outside, fatty, noutrishless. The tempura at Fukamachi was not oily at all, and all the layers outside were so think and crispy! I think i will really have a hard time having tempura later in my life, because i once had such great quality tempura.


深町 ふかまち Fukamachi

東京都中央区京橋2-5-2 サブジュードグリン京橋シノハラビル 1F


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