Tokyo | Nodaiwa 五代目 野田岩

Unagi (eel) is one of my favorite Japanese food, which is also your must-try food in Japan. Noriwada is one of the most famous unagi restaurant in Tokyo, which was honored Michelin 1 star consistently years. It is currently run by the 5th genertation. Different from most of the other unagi restaurants, Nodaiwa only uses the best natural eel from the sea. Even Jiro-san loves to eat here.  1

We went to the main branch in Azabu (麻布), which housed in two different buildings in order to fit more guests. 2

Summer is unagi season, so it's the best season to have unagi, and Japanese consider unagi as a source of energy. If you come in winter, you can only get the human-cultivated eel but not the natural one. 4

The ambiance is warm and hommie.


We were treated with hot green tea.Inside the cute red container is Japanese white pepper(山椒粉) - unagi's best friend.01

The chopstick holder was in the shape of an eel.


Cannot wait to open the treasure box.


There were a vairety selections of unagi set on the menu, the prices are basically depends on the portion of the unagi. [Check the menu].We both ordered Hagi (萩,¥3800) set, which comes with Japanese pickles,garnished radish and clear soup made of eel liver.



The unagi itself was really meaty but not overly fatty,with a slight of char-grilled smell, the texture was very tender and melted in my mouth. The sauce works so wonderfully and flavorful. Every single rice was perfectly cooked with chewy texture, and perfectly absorbed the essence from the unagi and sauce. The best unagi by far!11

Traditionally, Japanese people eat unagi rice with the white pepper mentioned above. It was indeed die-for. 111

Clear soup with eel liver was simple but umami, a perfect match with the unagi rice.


I was really surprised by myself because i really hate white rice. The only exception before this is high-end sushi, now Nodaiwa's unagi rice also becomes one of the exceptions.


It was an enjoyable and memorable experience at Noriwada, my mom has really bad memory over food, but she never forget about the unagi rice in Nodaiwa. While the service is quite slow compare to other starred restaurant in Japan,  and we found that the staffs were more friendly with the locals. Anyway, the only thing we cares are the food, in case the service was not horrible.

Nodaiwa is super close to Tokyo Tower. Link this two destinations together if you are going to Tokyo :)


五代目 野田岩 (麻布 飯倉 本店)
11:00~13:30 17:00~20:00 (Closed on Sundays)