Kanagawa | Soba Hirai 蕎麦 ひら井

Recently I went on a short trip to Kamakura (鎌倉) in Kanagawa (神奈川), an ancient city near Tokyo surrounded by mountains and faces the ocean. And of course, as a foodie, I did a bit research on local eats on Tabelog. I found few highly rated soba places which perfectly fits my soba craving.  I decided to stop by Soba Hirai near Fujisawa (藤沢), one of the six cities in Kamamura area.


Visited: Sep.06.2015 (Lunch)

Address: 2-5 Fujjisawa 3-chome, Fujisawa,Kanagawa


Soba Hirai is a quite small restaurant, with only 6 seats at the counter and another 3 tables for 10 people totally. My friend called the restaurant on our way there and they don't accept reservations during lunch time. The gentleman on he other side of the phone told us the restaurant was a bit busy and we probably have to wait when we arrive. But surprisingly, there were 4 more seats available at the counter, which was perfect for our seating preference.


Only a la carte menu is available during lunch time while omakase is available for dinner. Soba is served in both cold and hot, besides that, appetizers such as tamago, grilled miso paste, daily plate, etc are also available.


Started with assorted appetizers. The white sesame tofu impressed me a lot, chewy, moderate sweetness and strong in white sesame flavor, one of the best ever I have had by far. In th middle was vinegared eggplant, and the one on the  right was fig with sesame paste.


I had the tempura soba set (cold) comes with a assorted tempura and a kit of cold soba, served with soba sauce.

The tempura came 2-3 minutes before the soba was served. All the assorted vegetables and prawns, even the sweet potato which requires better skills were deep-fried very well.DSC05893

For the soba, i requested for smaller portion while my friend had the regular one. Both of us think the portion is not really filling, but the quality of soba was very satisfying. DSC05895






Enjoy the soba with 1/3 into the soba sauce. In Japan, you have to make the 'so-lo-so-lo' sound when you eat soba, which means it is very delicious.


The grilled miso paste was also lovely to pair with to enhance the flavor of soba. Lastly, we were served a pot of clear soba soup which used to cook the soba we just had. A warm and pleasant ending.


I really enjoyed the meal there. And i surprsingly found that this place is featured in Michelin guide 2015 after the meal. If you are going to Kamakura, don't forget to stop by this cozy soba restaurant, i am sure you will enjoy it as well :)