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I believe most foodies travelling to Copenhagen have encountered the same dilemma as i did — there are so many restaurants to visit and it is so difficult to pick which ones to go besides those on top of the list. It is no more a surprise that a lot of restaurants share similar philosophy with unique attractiveness.

To be honest, before making a decision on visiting Kadeau, the first thing caught my eyeballs was the ‘romantic’ sky blue door that reminds of the purity of Santorini. Its simplicity color matching arouses my interest to explore more about the beauty inside. Likewise the overall dining scene in Copenhagen, Kadeau focuses on natural ingredients and serving appetising dishes with the simplest touch.


In 2007, chef Nicolai Nørregaard opened the original Kadeau on the tiny Baltic island of Bornholm. Then he deicided to bring the beautiful seasonal flavors to outside the island and opened the second restaurant Kadeau in Copenhagen. In November 2015, Kadeau Copenhagen moved to a smaller location located just next door in, by reducing the number seatings from around 70 to 24 diners, Kadeau targeted to ensure a much more intimate experience for all the food lovers.

Open kitchen


Before heading to the main dining room,  we were served a small bowl of clear redcurrant tea infused by chamomile and mint. The aromatic scent with a gentle sourness was right to point to kick off the meal.

1. Redcurrant, camomile, and mint



Kadeau serves only one discovery menu in the evening, featuring 19 dishes include: 4 cold appetizers, 5 middle courses, 4 hot dishes, 1 cheese course, 2 desserts and 3 coffee bites. Each dish was wise-portioned that you won’t feel bloating after 19 dishes in belly. Kadeu also serves both wine pairing and juice pairing, again, we ordered both juice and wine pairing respectively to match our dishes. All the juices are fermented and made in-house, the wines are well-picked which were light and easy to drink.

2. Green peas, razor clam, blackcurrant leaves

The first dish to arrive was an incrdiblely pretty green peas. The peas were obviously finely-picking, well cooked to keep its greeness and natural flavors. While the juice of blackcurrant leaves was too sour and we considered the dish unbalanced and overpowering of sourness.

3. Mahogany clam, fermented wheat, and wild carrot

Followed by a cracker of fermented wheat topped with clams And while carrot. Although it was also quite sour, it is easier for us to accept the acidity compare to the green pea. We all wish this would be an alternative point however…

4. Oysters, kale, green strawberries

A kale leave with umami oysters looks appristing, unfortunately, the fermented strawberry sauce on the side was so high in acidity that was kinda hard to balance the dish.

We were a group of four girls whom all loves light flavors, in other words, the food in Copenhagen matches our taste buds pretty well. Two of us had the juice pairing and the sourness of the juice makes the sour dishes worse…


5. Roasted bread, herb butter infused with cherry wood embers

All the restaurants I’ve been so far served amazing breads. The roasted bread at Kadeau was something new for me in Copenhagen, and it indeed looks delicious. Sorry for being another ‘however’ here, after having three very sour dishes, the over-oily roasted breads makes us feel quite unfortable. Worse part was the herb butter which was quite easy to spread on the warm and oily breads, we were about to leave this place if we can.


6. Cold and warm smoked salmon, gooseberry, figs

Glad that the signature smoked salmon was comparable ‘satisfying’, the tastes balanced well as well as the clean soup with creamy salmon. With pickles to give some crunchy textures and some freshness.

7. Tomato, langoustine, hazelnuts, and kelp
8. Withered sorrel, potatoes, smoked mackerel, and lovage

After having the withered sorrel dish, all of us were scared of the vegetable dishes here. This dish was sour to cry.

9. Mussels, pickled pine, mushrooms, dried scallop roe

Before entering the main courses part, we had a umami clam tartlet with a crunchy tart base. The first dish of the mains was king crab leg, side with strawberry sorbet and a creamy sauce of cauliflower. This is possibly the only dish we enjoyed throughout the meal.

10. King crab, cauliflower, and berries
11. Celeriac, caviar, wood ants and woodruff

The signature celeriac was another nightmare that might woke me up because of tooth pain. Even writing at this piont (almost 5 weeks after the meal) makes me slavering. Sour cry.

12. Pickled and grilled vegetables, cured egg yolk, green plums
13. Fire roasted pork, onions, and blue cheese

Finally, the last dish before desserts. The pork was much milder in tastes, the mild sweetness of the pork with a hint of aromatic flavors of the slightly chewy meat itself. Simple is the best. (Or ‘better’ in this case)


14. Mushroom, goat cream, lamb heart


15. Tart with hay cream, rose and rhubarb

The dish i expected the most was the signature dessert, a tartlet with a filling that changed seasonally. We had a one with a buttery hay cream, topped withs smoked rose puree and rhubarb. Loved the crunchy crust, awesome buttery flavors to marry the gentle acidity of the cream. Creamy but quite light combination.



16. Fermented raspberries, white currant, walnut schnapps

Continue with fermented raspberries to cleanse our palate, pairing with white currant cream to bring some milky flavors to the entire dish. Simply good.


Finally marching to the last part of the meal – three kinds of coffee & tea snacks. Normally when i finish everything in my plate as well as all the petit fours, each with one bite. Since we were quite disappointing about most of the dishes, but as a table manner, we finished the dishes and felt quite tough to continue the meal…As a result, we don’t want to take the risk to put more unpleasant food under our belly, thus one small bite as a testing instead of finish with one bite. And what really happened at last: 3 x 4 x 0.5 left on the plates. 🙁

17. Cookies with caramelized apple
18. Ember baked beet with pear and pumpkin
19. Mulberry and honey
Wine pairing 1
Wine pairing 2
Juice pairing


Thanks the chef and the whole team behind the dishes. But sorry I (we) don’t quite understand the food.

Kadeau, Copenhagen

Address: kadeau København, Wildersgade 10b, 1408 København K, CVR 37443069

Hours: Dinner: Monday – Saturday from 18.30 – 20.00 ; Lunch: Saturday from 12.00 – 13.00

Menu: Food 1850 DKK, Wine Pairing 1400 DKK, Juice pairing 700DKK