Copenhagen | 108

Restaurant 108 is the first and the only sister restaurant of René Redzepi’s Noma, located between Christianshavns Canal and the new bridge Inderhavnsbroen where is only hundred steps apart from its mother restaurant. Co-owner and chef  Kristian Baumann and his team take the heritage of Noma by serving Nordic food and focuses on the terroir of the region, as well as creations beyond the Nordic philosophy. Since its official opening in this summer (2016), 108 soon becomes one of the hottest spots in Copenhagen.




Most restaurants in Copenhagen closed on Sundays but 108 opens everyday. The atmosphere is quite casual and comfortable which is even suitable for catching up with large group of friends and family members.

Like Noma, the 108 team majorly uses traditional Nordic cooking methods such as fermenting and pickling etc. to let the ingredients tell. The menu offers affordable a la carte dishes, with vegetarian-driven smaller plates and family-portioned main courses to share.



Never go wrong with sourdough in Copenhagen. Crunchy crust, airy and slightly chewy center that you can clearly see the grain particles. Finished all three pieces by myself. Never regret being carbs-overloaded with good breads.

Sticks of Romaine Lettuce, aged turbot roe and marigold flowers (95 DKK)

The famous sticks of romain lettuce was arrived beautifully, it was light and healthy as you can see. The romain lettuce was fresh and crunchy, the well-dressed aged turbot roe gives some umami flavors to the greenness. To be honest, although i love raw vegetables, and i love to start my meal with some greens, this dish was actually too grassy for my liking.

Lightly Salted Mackerel, gooseberries, oil of spruce wood (125 DKK)

To continue, the mackerel was a simple dish packed of oceanic flavors. The fish itself was lightly cured, tender and high in flavors, with gooseberries to add some acidity and spruce wood oil to give extra gentle textures and flavors – a very elegant and sync dish.

Bleak Roe,rose hip seed oil, sweet and salted plums (115)

Next arrived an extra creamy bleak roe dish, beautifully plated with sweet and salted plums to match the deep flavor of the roes. The portion was not very large but it was a bit overpowering after i finished the divine mackerel.

Grilled Courgette, hammer knas and black current leaves (145)

I was alone at 108 thus the larger plate main dishes were not for me this time. Alternatively i picked two more warm amller plates as main courses.

Starting with grilled courgette, I never had a courgette dish delicious like this. It might sounds boring but this was not the first time that i was surprsed by a vegetable dish in Copenhagen. The moisture of courgette was wonderfully kept, the cheese sauce gives extra creaminess and aroma alongside the delicious milky taste. This dish saved me from the bleak roe dish.

Braised Oxtail with Truffle (175 DKK)

The highlight of the meal was no doubt the braise oxtail with truffle. This dish is from the bar menu and i requested the manager to serve it at the table, these three pieces of oxtail were nothing but bombs. The oxtail was perfectly cooked with a bit ginger and scallions, the outer layer was not too oily which was wonderful for my taste. Meat dishes never go wrong with truffles!


Cone of Sourdough Bread, blueberry ice cream and mint (95 DKK)

Dessert time yay! I really liked the blueberry ice cream which tastes so good, even the cone was so healthy – made of sourdough. It was too pretty to eat. A small cone is certainly not enough, thus i also tried the kelp ice cream that the manager highly recommended it. The simple looking ice cream was very creamy and was mildly savory, i found it was not my kind of dessert because of the unmelted-butter-texture with a savory taste as well as some oil inside, to be honest a bit heavy and greasy.

Kelp ice cream, barley cream, blackcurrant oil (100 DKK)

All the dishes alongside two glasses of wine cost me slightly over 1000 DKK, quite pocket-friendly for this quality as dining in restaurants in Copenhagen is not cheap at all, even a hotdog from DOP costs me 60 DKK. So it is really as good as i have heard about 108? Well, i don’t really think so. The oxtail was out of world, the squash dish and mackerel were worth mentioning too. Not somewhere on the top of my list in Copenhagen but if you are looking for a nicer restaurant to try on Sundays, maybe you can do it. The restaurant also features a bakery called The Corner selling breakfast pastries and coffee in the morning – somewhere i want to check out next time.


Address: Strandgade 108, 1401 København K

Hours: 5pm-9:30pm (LO) daily