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Eat Me – its name simply tells everything. Located in a hidden jem in Soi of Soi Convent in Silom area, Eat Me is a famous awarded-wining art restaurant provides awesome eclectic international cuisine. It is hornored No.37 according to Asia’s Best Restaurant 2014.

When i was making the plan to Bangkok and thinking of the restaurants i want to book for, i actually skipped Eat Me at the beginning-who will try western cuisine in Thailand? Of course go with Thai food! But i still made a visit as some of my friends highly recommended it.


Housed in a low key art gallery, you won’t even pay attention to it when you walk by. Main dining room is on the second floor, the interior decoration is really simply but makes people feel really comfortable.DSC03670



Passionfruit Caipiroska (290 THB)

Start with the signature cocktail — made of Ketel One Vodaka, passionfruit and lime, with a lovely yellow looking. With a very refreshing taste with little bit sour from the passionfruit, and bitterness from the Vodaka. Perfect drink for the hot weather.




Grilled Tiger Prawns with Tom Yum Spiced Olive Oil ( 475 THB )

One of the signature dishes here, served in a cute staub with a small slice of grilled bread. The entire dish smells really ‘Thai’ and delicious, and the taste is certainly good. The prawns are big but tender and rich in taste,with very crispy skin and a char smelling. Unlike those ‘fake’ Tom Yum i had outside Thailand, this one was cooked with real herbs, perfect balance between spicy and sourness. The sauce was really good-although a little bit oil, but i almost soak up all the sauce with the bread on the side.


Rocket, Pear & Parmesan Salad with Black Truffle Dressing ( 340 THB )

Nothing special about the rocket salad, i ordered this simply because i need some vegetables to keep the balance. The truffle dressing is quite special, actually not very strong in truffle flavor, but balances the bitter taste from the rocket.


Aji Crodo W/ Sea Urchin, Orange and Pomegranate

A new item on the menu and looks really mouth watering. The taste was very clean but lovely – very fresh Aji, combied with juicy and sweet orange, and my favorite uni !


Line Caught Japanese Black Cod with Spicy Coconut Cream ( 575 THB )

Another hot item on the menu, simply seared cod with some oyster mushroom, the whole pate looks simple but really a memorable one. The first cut into the cod was really clear, crispy skin and tender fish meat. The best part of the dish is actually the coconut cream base, which is creamy, spicy and sour. Here the creamy stands for milky creamy, not the greasy ‘chower’ creamy. Although the combination of spicy and sour sounds wired, but you can only feel this when you indeed try it. I usually won’t finish the sauce in those dishes, but this is an exception.


Pavola with Mango, Toasted Coconut, Basil & Whipped Cream ( 290 THB )

I skipped the best dessert on the menu – the sticky rice pudding, and decided to try this one because of mango. Mango with coconut, maybe the signature fruits in Thailand. I thought it is small like most of the desserts in western restaurants everywhere, but this one is really big, or huge.

The mango was really sweet and juicy, can i have some more please? It is my first stop in Bangkok and i haven’t got a chance to try the mango anywhere else, so i cannot compare it with the mango desserts in other places, but this one is definitely a good one. The toasted coconut flakes intensify the ‘Thai’ taste perfectly. The cream underneath was light, and i can feel the real milk flavor without any sugar added.


The first dinner in Bangkok this year, when western food meets Thai – certainly a memerable one. For the nice service, nice drink, nice food and nice ambiance,and the price was really affordable compare to fine dining in other countries. Anyway, i highly recommend this place.

Eat Me

Address: 1/6 Soi Pipat 2 (off Soi Convent), Silom, Bangkok 10500

Hours: 3pm – 1am Daily


Price/Menu: only a la carte menu available, menu is available on their website

Date visited: Dec.14.2014

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