BALI | Boneka: Luxurious Breakfast Buffet

The sunshine wakes up us as usual, but everything in front our eyes are blue at this time. While a nourish breakfast is the definition of a perfect morning.


We booked our room via, even it is said that breakfast was not included in our rate, i found it actually comes with complimentary buffet breakfast for two for all the rooms, no matter which travel agent you booked from, as indicated on the official website.


I read some reviews about the breakfast at St.Regis Bali before i came here, it is a really hot place for breakfast, some guest from other hotels even come here for breakfast. Most of them are eyeing on the most famous egg dishes. Same here!DSC00776

The interior was very bright and elegant. DSC00762

Once we were seated, we were treated with our choice of fresh squeeze juice.


Similar to St.Regis Singapore, besides the buffet counter, you can also enjoy buffet a la carte items from the menu.DSC00740

Lobster Omelette is definitely the hottest plate on the menu, and people all come to Boneka (or even St.Regis) for it. Served in Staub and it looks so delicious! The omelette itself is just a regular omelette, with cubed veggies and a lot lobster on the side. The lobster bisque was good also. Perfect to go with bread. And yes, you can order as many as you want! My mom and I had one omelette each. Die for it.


Eggs Benedict is always my favorite egg dish.


Side with asparagus and ham ( with salmon the second day), the egg was perfectly poached, with the topping of hollandaise and fish roe.


Eggs Nouvelle is another luxurious egg dish. Made of lobster ragout filled in an egg shell with parsley cream, and topped with samon roe.


We also ordered Duo Oyesters which comes with one fresh and one baked. However the fresh one was bit fishy, while the baked one with spinach tastes much better.DSC00765

Freshly cut fruits: dragon fruit, papaya, pineapple, sweet melons, watermelon, strawberries, guava, banana, arecae,jackfruit,passion fuit….There are also assorted yogurt in the jars. (Low fat, natural, strawberry, bircher muesli, papaya)


Salad bar


Cheese selections


Morning pastries


Cereals and nuts, aside with milk(low fat/whole) and soya.


Dim sum


Sushi and sashimi


Healthy breads and toastes


Some tastes of asia, which changes daily. That day was wok-fried vegetables, Japanese curries,Indian curries and naan,chicken sweet chili sauce. There are also miso soup, chicken soup (with noodles).DSC00770

On the western side, there are baked eggs and vegetables, grilled whole chicken, and some creamy soups.


Some freshness on out table. The red guava was one of the best i have had! Very juicy, soft and sweet.


My oatmeal passion never ends. Got some rolled oats and housemade granola with mixed nuts to serve with soya.DSC00752

We have already spread the whole table for 4 even we only got 2+1, the chef still bringing some daily specialities to our table. And we simply couln’t say no to this local dish, Nasi goreng, which is a spicy fried rice with chicken and side with crisps. Something you must try local.


Then the server brought us some daily iced tea for recommendation. Not bad.DSC00937

My sister loves mango, as they have mango juice but no fresh mango in the fruit section, i asked the server to bring us half freshly sliced mangoes. It was really sweet and juicy!

The service was great here, the attendant wouldn’t change their warm attitude even you order food for 10 times, they are always wearing a smile on their face. Everything they do is fast and on time.

This is the best hotel breakfast experience for me, feel really worthy for the room rates. I wish every morning could be like that.


St.Regis Bali Resort at Nusa Dua, Nusa Dua, Bali

Breakfat 07:00 am – 11:00 am

Dinner: 06:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Sunday Brunch: 12:00 noon – 03:00 pm

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