[BALI] Ayung Terrance: Indonesian Cuisine at Four Seasons Sayan

Ayung Terrance is  an Indonesian restaurant at Four Seasons Sayan Resort. It offers Indonesian specialties in the dining room, on the outdoor terrace, and at the adjacent wine cellar, with breathtaking views of the Ayung river below.


Ayung Terrance is the main restaurant inside the resort, the breafkast and lunch are also served here. It opens at 6pm for dinner, we were the very first guests that night. Luckily got a table at the terrance in the front row.DSC01142

Dinner menu. There are not too much choices on the menu, but it almost covers all the signature Indonesian dishes you want.DSC01148

Complimentary crisps to start.DSC01151

Gado-gado – Steamed Vegetables, Tempe, Tofu, Boiled Egg with Peanut Sauce (Vegetarian/Mild spicy)

This is one of the Chef’s signature dishes, highly recommended by our assistant. We actually had a similar one at Dulang, St.Regis that night. The vegetables works perfect with the mild spicy peanut sauce! Definitely a healthy and awesome appetizer to start with. We ordered another portion after we finish the first plate.DSC01152

Ikan Tongkol Sambal Matah – Seared Tuna Loin with Long Bean, Bean Sprouts and Shallot Tomato Relish

This course is much spicy than the previous one, because of the shallot on the bottom.The tuna itself was perfect seared, but my mom cannot hold the spices on the bottom.


Lovely night.


We atttempted to order the Balinese duck but we ended with Sari Laut Woku when we see ‘deep-fried duck’. As we were looking for a main that is light, the server recommended Sari Laut Woku, and he said it is his favorite dish here.It is bascially wok fried seafood with turmeric, lemon Basil, onions and Pineapples. It taste great just as he said, all the seafood inside were really tender, the pineapple brought a bit sweetness to the spicy flavor, which works perfect.DSC01156

We also ordered a side Tumis Bayam, a wok fried local spinach with shallot and garlic sauce. While this time the shallot was not that spicy, and the overall taste of the dish was a little bit sweet. Love it though.


Served with Balinese rice with assorted sambals.


Assorted sambals consist of Kemangi(Tomato Sambal with Lemon Basil Leaf),Bongkot( Lemongrass, Torch Ginger and Shallot Relish), Bali (Fried Shallot and Shrimp Paste Sambal),and Hijau Green Chili Sambal.


Sometimes it is much better to eat in the hotel, although it might be costly, the quality of food and environment can be guaranteed anyway. So why not enjoy a local night in the terrace with the most delicious Indonesian cuisine!

Ayung Terrance

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan, Ubud, Bali 80571

Breakfast : 6.30am – 11am. Lunch : 11am – 3pm. Dinner 6pm – 10pm Daily

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