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Hi everyone, Melody here! Welcome to the world of Neverfull(s)!

– I am a pure Chinese born in 90s. My hometown is called Suzhou, a historical city next to Shanghai. I grew up there and lived there until i went to USA for high school when i was 17. I lived in Los Angeles for one year followed by another year in Connecticut. I came to Singapore for university and currently based in this small island.

– I started my fine dining journey when i was 17 years old, the first Michelin restaurant i have ever been to was Providence in Los Angeles, California (it was 2* at that time)

– I am not stick to any guides or listings. I am open to any food delicious. Although most reviews here are about restaurants, those are not what i eat all the time. I love cafe food too, but so lazy to write and shoot about comfort food (haha).

– For restaurant reviews, i don’t feature every single visits, otherwise it will be too much pressure to enjoy the food.

– I don’t write or eat for any complicated purposes like a lot of  ‘foodies’ do, just with a pure heart of loving to eat.

– At the same time, i love photography. Beside photos of food i eat, i also capture any moments or scenes that i think is remarkable.

– I paid my meals. All the posts represents my honest, personal thoughts.   ☺

– Of course i am happy to share my opinions and recommend restaurants. But please, DO NOT send me messages or emails to help with restaurant reservations. (I mean, in Japan)

♦ For other enquiries, please contact me ☞ missneverfull@gmail.com


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  1. Very nice pictures and review work. I am impressed by the beautiful photos. May I know what camera you using to take? Thanks.

  2. Hi Melody, I am a Singaporean living in Singapore and came across your blog when researching restaurants in Hong Kong and Shanghai. (I will be heading to these places for a business trip). Could you let me know which are the top 5 restaurants I should try in HK and SH ?

    1. Hi TW, thanks for reading my blog. For restaurant recommendations, it really depends on which cuisine you prefer.

      Hong Kong:
      Wagyu takumi (2*)
      Amber (2*)
      Tate Dining Room Bar (1*)
      8 1/2 (3*,for their black truffle)
      Sushi Rozan
      Pierre (2*)
      新同樂 (2*)
      Yan Toh Heen(2*)

      Mr. & Mrs Bund
      The Commune Social
      Coquille Seafood Bistro
      Shanghainese: Fu 1015 ,Jian Guo 328
      Beijingnese: family li imperial cuisine
      Farine (if u have time for a coffe/tea break)


      The list based on my last visit, some were from a long time ago. Also, just my personal preference as a guidance. Wish it helps!

      Email me next time for any qtns 🙂

  3. Hi Melody. I met you at Shimada in Ginza last Friday. I love your pics! looking forward to seeing some photos you took at Shimada soon.

    1. Hi Keiko, nice to hear from you so soon! I have finished the Shimada post. Wish you enjoy your hometown well! 🙂

    1. Thank you very much! I am really glad that it helps you a lot, although my writing is not good enough. Anyway will keep it up! Thanks 🙂

  4. Hi Melody

    I really like the food photos that you have taken for your blog. You say that you use the Sony Alpha 7. Can I ask which lens you use and the settings you usually use?

    Many thanks and keep up the good work!

  5. great to see someone with such eclectic taste in food.. your best food list is incomplete without:
    -yakiniquest (look up their history)
    -kanda wadatsumi
    go try them!

  6. Hi Melody,

    Nice pic and great blog u have here. I’m also from China and currently live in Singapore. Thx a lot for the intro on those nice restaurants. Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. THANKS, Jianfeng. 老乡老乡哈哈。I am currently in Tokyo for exchange. 等我回新加坡后有机会可以一起吃,想必你也是个爱美食的人。 🙂

      1. U reply so fast lol. 我是浙江绍兴人,所以确实还挺近的:) Nice place to go for exchange 😛 Im also planning to go Japan for holiday next year. 可以按着你的食谱去吃了哈哈。

  7. I absolutley love love your photos! They’re gorgeous. The lighting is always so perfect. Would you mind sharing some of your tips with respect to white balancing and post processing?

    1. Hi J, i am not a professional in taking photos at all. I serisouly set up my camera very randomly but for sure better lighting is needed.

  8. Thanks Melody for this blog– it helps me to narrow down all the amazing food choices in Tokyo. Can you tell me if you had to pick only one (more reasonably priced) & one high-end sushi lunches, where would you recommend? Just for the taste – not necessarily ambiance? And the same for one French – in Tokyo? Many thanks again for your awesome reviews!

    1. Hi Monica,
      Thank you for your kind words. This really depends on personall preference. I am not a sushi expert and i am not craving for sushi all the time. Among the sushiya i have been to, i prefer Sushi Sho, Takumi Shingo which both handled by Chef Shingo when i visited. I also like Nakamura. My friends highly recommend Imamura as well. For French, L’effervescence is my favorite. If you like seafood, Abysse is a great place to go.

  9. Hi Melody,

    I always enjoyed reading your weibo~!! And surprise surprise this blog is even BETTER~!
    Currently doing a little research for my little trip to Tky in May. Hope to read more of your food adventures.


  10. My wife and I live in San diego and will be visiting Tokyo for 3 weeks in May. Thank you so much for your excellent web site! We can’t wait to use some of your reviews as a guide for where to eat. We saw Sushi Nakamura last night on NHK. After reading your review I think this will be a must for our food tour.

    1. Hi! Nakamura will be a safe place to go. Underrated and not crowded of foreign guests (which is a good sign in my opinion)! You will like it.

  11. As a Japanese cuisine fanatic, I really admire of all the spots you’ve visited all over Tokyo.
    I also really appreciate the articles you share on your blog, as all those places you mentioned will be on my pocket list for my next trip to Tokyo!
    Thanks for amazing blog posts, and I’m looking forward to more them!

    1. Hi Chiennan, thank you very much for your support! Wish you will enjoy your time in Tokyo next time 🙂

  12. Hi Melody, huge fan of your blog! I am also 22 years old haha. I am going to Tokyo this August and wanna score reservations at le mange tout, aroma fresca and 匠 進吾. (finger crossed) Really wanna try these restaurants after reading your posts!

    1. Hey Elizabeth, thank you very much! Wish their quality stills or even much better. All the best with your reservations and enjoy your trip! 😀 Happy weekend!

  13. Awesome blog. Any recommendation for hangzhou cuisine in Singapore, particularly for zuixia or qiangxie? I will be in Tokyo Osaka for work next week, is there any good sushi places I can make last minute bookings at? Sushi Sho seems good but they’re almost definitely fully booked by now :S

    1. Hi! I have no idea about awesome chinese food cuz im not a big fan of it. Next week i’m afraid most nice sushiya have been fully booked, as you cannot secure a reservation even you call them 1-2 month in advance.

  14. Managed to score Takumi Shingo for next sat :))) but most places are full though, have u tried Ubuka? Any view on that place?

  15. Hi,Melody. I am very appreciate your shooting skill, reasonable structure, best shooting scene and remarkable adjustment. I noticed that it is a sony and could you let me know your lens? It looks very suitable for shooting food. Currently I am using a sony RX1R and I found its lens really not good for shooting food. Thanks!

    1. Hi Kallet, thank you, but i’m still too unskilled to be a proficient photographer 🙁 I am using 1.4/35 and 55 lenses.

  16. Hi Melody,

    First of all, thank you so much for sharing your information about your dining experience to us.I am impressed by your interesting blog, beautiful photograph. One thing, just out of my curious, how would you manage to reserve a table at those very popular Japanese restaurant in Japan.

  17. Thanks to your blog, I had a really awesome dinner at Sushi Sho Shingo (and remembered to add on the fabulous ankimo which was somehow left out of my course). In return, please allow me to recommend some places I have discovered and liked:
    -Ginza Maru Kaiseki
    -Suju in Singapore (very well made albeit pricey daily Japanese food)

  18. Dear Miss Neverfull,

    I am currently a food lover residing in Bangladesh

    I have read your amazing food blog and am a fan of the work you have achieved. I hope you could assist me in a small dilemma I am facing.

    I am visiting Singapore this month and wish to visit a high-end restaurant, as I love to do on most of my travels. Can you please recommend one of Restaurant ANDRE and Waku Ghin by Tetsuya Wakuda? If you think there is something better than these please recommend.

    I am very sorry to disturb you like this.



  19. Hi Miss Never Full,

    I recently went on a trip to Japan and ate at Takumi Shingo. Before going, I saw your blog post about it and I printed it off to take with me on the night. It was so helpful to identify what I was actually eating as I don’t speak Japanese. It made the evening so much more enjoyable and was incredibly useful as a reference point when I was writing my own post about Takumi Shingo (if you’re interested, the page can be found here: https://moodyprawn.wordpress.com/2016/08/28/takumi-shingo-tokyo-japan/). I loved the experience and can’t wait to go to another similar establishment again. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Moody Prawn, I’m so glad that my poor writing is helpful (haha). And hopefully you did enjoy Takumi Shingo, the chef know me so if you are going next time, say hi to him for me 😀 lovely post you have! Wish you have a pleasant journey in Japan next time!

          1. Hi Melody,

            So sorry for not seeing this message earlier and missing you while you were here. Please let me know when you are next in town as I’d be keen to meet up and maybe even grab food with you somewhere if your schedule permits.



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