Hello foodies! Welcome to the world of Miss.Neverfull!

My name is Melody, a pure Chinese living in Singapore. I am currently an undergraduate student at Singapore Management University (SMU), majoring in Marketing and will graduate in 2018. I was graduated from an high school in Connecticut, United States, but finally decided to come back to Asia because i miss the urbanization mode in homeland.

I started to fine dine when i was in junior year in high school (2013) in Los Angeles. I also enjoyed cooking at home. In the second year, i transferred to the east coast which provides me more chances to get touch with more exquisite fine dining scenes in NYC. Even so, at that time, most of the fancy restaurants i have been was in Hong Kong. I travelled to Hong Kong to eat 4-5 times a year during school breaks.

Good food is always worth travelling.

Even after entering the reputed business school SMU in Singapore, i have no idea that i would step further into gastronomy. Due to limited school vacations as well as my hate to jet legs, i started to travel to Japan to eat. It is no more a surprised that i felt in love with that umami land until today, and i know a big part of my foodie heart will always be there.

While i always encountered difficult times choosing restaurants i have never been to, although i am not a big fan of following any guides or purely rely on someone's recommendations, i still hope there's a blog can offer honest reviews of restaurants. So,

MissNeverfull.com was born in Jan.2015

after few months on Instagram @miss_neverfull

Writing has never been my strong part even in my mother language, Mandarin Chinese, let alone in English. I never expected much on my writing skills, but as an amateur photography lover, I believe photographs could be a better language. I learnt photography by trail, and i'm always trying harder to improve myself.

FYI, my current gear includes Canon 5D Mark IV, Sony RX100IV, Fujifilm TX1, while most posts before Octomber 2016 were shoot with Sony A7Rii.

Blogging is definitely not that easy as you think, each post may takes few hours to complete. All the meals are self-paid, all the reviews represent my personal views. Food is a very personal thing. I don't mind you to disagree with some of my restaurants reviews, or found my primary-school level writing skills,

but i wish 'RESPECT' is the most basic rule here.

In the mean while, please let me know anything i can do to improve your reading experiences, as well as photography tips or restaurants recommendations. Yeah, just anything!


Simple writings, beautiful photos, honest reviews...

Hope you can enjoy browsing. 


Dawn Lee (Editor)

I'm a chocoholic who's always looking to satisfy my craving to share delicious bites, fascinating cultures and lifestyle hacks around the world.

In my journey as a writer, I was lucky enough to meet a fellow foodie who shares similar tastes in gastronomy - she's none other than the founder of Missneverfull, Melody Ju! A beautiful friendship began and before I knew it, I grew to love editing for this inspiring friend of mine. I started to corporate with Melody since Oct.2017!

When not writing, I will be clowning around in the kitchen with flour or chopping things up to whip up recipes that come to mind, gardening, playing the piano or unwinding on the Pilates mat.




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